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Fill the Box Annual Campaign



#Fillthebox campaign benefits the Child Life organizations at the two hospitals where Mighty Meredith has and continues to receive care:  The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center and Boston Children's Hospital, with specific emphasis on the clinics and groups where Meredith has and continues to receive care.  Some of these include Pediatric Sedation and Infusion, Neurology, Brain Injury and Hematology. 


Additional beneficiaries of this event include children whom are hospitalized during the December Holidays and don't have the opportunity to celebrate at home as well as at least one family who has fallen on hard times due to medical care. 


Help us "Fill the Box"!  Any donation is welcome!  Here is how:

  • Download the complete Wish List for your shopping convenience

  • For online shopping and convenience, purchase through Amazon

Please join me on Sunday, November 18th beginning at 2:20 pm at Light Up Main Street located at Kitty's Restaurant in North Reading to formally kick off our annual #fillthebox event.  



There are many ways to get involved in the "Fill the Box" Campaign:

Check out the Wish List and drop off at one of our several locations throughout North Reading:

  • Advanced Photo - 133 - 135 Main Street

  • L.D. Batchelder Elementary School - 175 Park Street 

  • North Reading Middle School - 189 Park Street

  • North Reading School of Ballet - 52 Main Street

  • Salon 77 - 161 Main Street

  • Contact us directly for a large donation

Purchase from the Amazon Wish List, which will be shipped directly to the Mighty Meredith Project. 

Become a corporate sponsor or use as a team building exercise for your department or organization during the holiday season.

Donate online and earmark the financial donation towards "Fill the Box".  

If interested in being a drop off location or corporate sponsor, please contact us directly  for more information. 

February 2018 - Drop Off Day.  Nearly $5,000 worth of gifts and gift cards donated to the Child Life department at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center from individual donations and funding from the Mighty Meredith Project. 


wHAt is

Fill the Box?

The Mighty Meredith Project kicks off their Mighty Giving signature event - "Fill the Box" every November.


In 2018, donations will be solicited beginning in in mid-November through early January to benefit the Child Life organizations where Meredith has and continues to receive medical care.  Child Life are the organizations within the hospital who are instrumental in making a child's hospital care the best it possibly can be during an otherwise stressful time for both the patient and caregiver through the use of toys and gadgets that help distract the patient prior to, during and after procedures, in patient treatments, and as a way to just "make it all better."   These gifts are donated early in the following year.  

In addition, Meredith works closely with the Neurology department at The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts to provide gifts to be distributed on Christmas Day as well as sponsors one or two families who have fallen on hard times due to the need to provide medical care.  These gifts are donated just prior to the holidays.

December 2017 - One of the boxes ready to be filled located at the North Reading Middle School  



As an inpatient and outpatient for many of Meredith's procedures, she has benefited from the kindness of stranger's donations during a difficult visits and hospitalizations.  Aligning with the mission of the MMP of being Mighty Giving, she wanted to help bring joy to those who may be in a similar situation through giving back to hospitals where she has and continues to receive care.  


November 2017 - Meredith receiving medical treatment and benefiting from the generosity of strangers to make her visit more comfortable.  



2017 Results

Holiday Donation Day - Part 1

December 2017: First round of donations just in time for the holidays. Pediatric Neurology will distribute to those patients in the hospital on Christmas Day.

Donation Day - Part 1

December 2017: Thanks to my best friends and family for all of their help: donating, gathering, sorting, wrapping and hauling.

Donation Day - Part 1

Over 70 gifts for the Neurology department to be delivered for those kids who are inpatient on Christmas Day.

Donation Day - Part 1

It feels good to be kind

And there she is again...Jane

Jane, a Child Life Specialist, has been a part of Mighty Meredith's experience at Tufts since almost day one. One person and one act of kindness is all it takes. She lives and breaths kindness daily and is a true inspiration.

Delivery Day - Part 1

Merry Christmas from all of us at the MMP to all of you.

February 2018 #fillthebox Donations

February 2018: Over 300 toys and gift cards donated to be used hospital wide, in many of the clinics Mighty Meredith has walked through....ED, Pediatric Sedation, Hematology, Neurology, Blood Draw, Radiology, Otolaryngology, the Play Room, and Floating 7, just to name a few.

Just be kind!

It only takes one act of kindness and the magic spreads.

The haul...getting ready to unload

February 2018: This is what 300 toys looks like packed into one car.

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