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One hundred percent of your donations go directly to the mission of the Mighty Meredith Project of:

  • Mighty Smart:  Education and Awareness

  • Might Giving:  Giving Back 

  • Mighty Kind:  Promoting Kindness



Click the "donate" button to be re-directed to Pay Pal

If you are interested in making a check donation, donations can be mailed to:


Mighty Meredith Project

P.O. Box 183

North Reading, MA 01864   




The Third Annual Fill the Box Campaign held in 2019/2020, is one example of your donations at work.  We were able to supply over 1,000 gifts and gift cards to the Pediatric Neurology Department, sponsored 6 families, and even more to the Child Life Departments that service The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center and Boston Children's Hospital Neuroscience Unit.  Donations were supplied from the generosity of hundreds and through direct funding from the Mighty Meredith Project.  #fillthebox




The Mighty Meredith Project, founded by Meredith Casey, is a non-profit organization that depends completely on private donations to help meet the mission and purpose of the organization  Since our founding in July 2017, the organization has been able to accomplish the following:


Mighty Kind

  • Send and perform Random Acts of Kindness, especially to those who suffer from a hidden illness or disease

  • Work with local schools on kindness curriculum 

  • Award annual Kindness Scholarship to graduating seniors from North Reading High School

  • Speak regularly to local organizations on the impact of having a hidden illness and how kindness matters

Mighty Giving

  • Provide thousands of gifts and gift cards via the #fillthebox campaign, currently valued at over $55,000

  • Donate Easter Baskets and Stuffed Animals to The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts 

  • Donate bike helmets to The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts and local pediatrician offices 

  • Provide admission kits to local Emergency Departments

Mighty Smart

  • Provide educational material and act as a local resource for TBI and concussion information

  • Host  world-renowned educators and subject matter experts on concussion awareness, education and advocacy

  • Host medical experts in the field of Traumatic Brain Injuries for local medical community

  • Received "Certificate of Appreciation" from the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts for education and advocacy on Traumatic Brain Injuries


To keep us going, donations of any denomination are greatly appreciated.   Don't have the financial resources, that is okay.  We can also use your help in other ways.  Find out HERE how you can help.  

Donor Information

Tax Exempt Status

Mighty Meredith Project, Inc. is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 170.

Product Donations

Donors who itemize their tax returns are entitled to make a "fair market value" deduction from their federal income tax. The Mighty Meredith Project cannot provide donors with a value for their goods (non-cash) donations. Donors are required by federal law to place their own value on donated items.

Please note that under the Pension Reform Act of 2006: Donated items must be in good condition in order to claim a deduction, and a qualified appraisal must accompany claims greater than $500. The law does not define "good condition," and the IRS says the responsibility of defining the condition and value of the items is the responsibility of the donor.

Download a tax receipt.

Financial Donations

Donors who make financial donations to the Mighty Meredith Project via check will receive a confirmation of your donation no later than January 15 of the following year in which the donation was made.  Your Pay Pal receipt from donations made online serves as your donation receipt.  

Should you have any questions, please contact the Mighty Meredith Project at any time.

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