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Without the donation of time from our army of volunteers, the Mighty Meredith Project would not be what it is today.  We celebrate and appreciate all each one of YOU do for us.  THANK YOU!


At Work

For more information on how you can help, please contact us at anytime. 

Birthday Donation

Upon learning of Catherine's Black Belt Project to support the Mighty Meredith Project, within six hours Garrett was at our doorstep with a generous donation of his own birthday money he received that day to go to Meredith's start up initiatives.   Thank you Garrett!

Birthday Donation

A huge thank you to Lindsey and Georgia for their selfless acts of generosity having their birthday party and forgoing gifts. Instead, they asked for gift card donations to be donated to the the Mighty Meredith Project.  These will be put towards "random acts of kindness".

Birthday Donation

A dedicated duo giving up their own presents to benefit someone else.

Community Service

A black belt candidate serving her community immediately paid in forward with her generous donation to the Mighty Meredith Project as donor number 1.  Thank you Gabby.

Community Service

A brother and sister team, both earning their first degree black belts, dedicated a significant amount of their needed community service hours collecting cans and bottles and baking for the annual "Confections for a Cause". Thank you Declan and Lily!

Community Service

Black belt candidates serving their good citizen and community service requirements raising money in hosting both can and coin drives.  Their efforts yielded a large cash donation to the Mighty Meredith Project.  Community member Geri Farrelly, of Farrelly Realty Group acted as "home base" for penny and coin donations.


Community members rallying to bake for the 2nd Annual MMP Bake Sale, renamed, "Confections for a Cause"

Lemonade Stand

Two sweet things hosting their own lemonade stand on a hot New England summer day to benefit the MMP. Thank you Addie and Avery!

Wish List Donations

Thank you to North Reading Middle School for helping me meet our "Fill the Box" goal and to the North Reading community for the never ending support and generosity.

Corporate Giving

The recipient of being "Elf-ed" by community member Mrs. Rodgers thanks to her Corporate holiday perk at Virtual, Inc. Thank you for thinking of the MMP.


Taking the kindness pledge with North Reading Brownie Troop 62796 and donating stuffed animals to the Mighty Meredith Project

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