The “Mighty Meredith Project” is an organization established by Meredith Casey and her family to raise awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and the impact of having a hidden illness/disease, with the message of kindness as the beacon of the organization.  Meredith hit her head in December 2015. After months of attempting to recover from an initial diagnosis of a concussion, it was also determined Meredith had a blood clot in her brain, due to the head trauma. The associated head trauma has required Meredith to no longer participate in many of the activities she came to love and has changed her outlook on life. The Mighty Meredith Project was created after Meredith settled into a new life of living with traumatic brain injury.  


Combined with the kindness of the community, and outpouring of support during a difficult time and the need for Meredith to re-define her “normal”, Meredith wanted to start an organization to help others who may be caught in a similar situation.    Her mission is simple: 

  • Mighty Kind: Promote kindness, especially to those "who are fighting a battle you know nothing about."

  • Mighty Giving: Give back to the local medical community where she continues to receive treatment 

  • Mighty Smart: Bring education and awareness to Traumatic Brain Injuries and the impacts of having a "hidden disease" 

Mighty Kind

The Mighty Meredith Project promotes kindness and wants to be involved in the kindness and care of others who have either experienced head trauma and are suffering silently or someone who has a hidden illness and needs their spirits lifted.  Send them an act of kindness through the Mighty Meredith Project.

Mighty Giving

The Mighty Meredith Project gives back to the medical community where Meredith continues to receive treatment and supports TBI research through fundraising and promotional activities.  

Mighty smart

The Mighty Meredith Project is dedicated to bringing education and awareness to TBI's and the impacts of having a "hidden disease". 

Awards and Recognition

Cummings Community Giving - December 2020

2020 Community Giving Award Recipient

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge - March 2019

2019 George Washington Honor Medal

National Award for Community Service

Youth Category

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts - March 2019

State Senate Official Citation - Senator Bruce Tarr

Recognizing TBI Awareness

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - March 2019

State Senate Official Citation - Senator Bruce Tarr

Recognizing 2019 George Washington Honor Medal

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - March 2019

Massachusetts House of Representatives

Recognizing 2019 George Washington Honor Medal

Mary Jo Brown Foundation - October 2018

Kindness Campaign Finalist

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Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts - April 2018

Certificate of Appreciation

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January 2021

"Advocacy for Invisible Illnesses"

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Tufts Medical Center

January 2021

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NBC Boston and New England Cable News (NECN)

December 2020

"You're Their Santa"

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The Boston Magazine - March 2019

"Local Leading Ladies"

International Women's Day

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The Readings Magazine - Spring 2019

"The Mighty Way"

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WCVB - Channel 5 News "5 For Good" - January 2019

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