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Mighty Giving!

Giving back to the medical community where Meredith has, and continues to receive medical care is core to the mission and purpose to the Mighty Meredith Project. 


This is driven by the care she has received across hospitals, physicians, nurses and child life specialists.  Mighty Giving allows for future patients in situations just like Meredith to benefit from amazing comfort care during stressful times.


July 2021 - Meredith receiving medical treatment and benefiting from the generosity of strangers to make her visit more comfortable, including a visit from Bob the Therapy dog.




In order to provide meet our mission of Mighty Giving, we rely on the generosity of others throughout the year with product and/or financial donations. 


The largest initiative we fund is our annual "Fill the Box" campaign that runs from October - December every year.  100% of the product donations go directly to the Child Life organizations in the hospitals where Meredith has received treatment, specifically Tufts Medical Center and Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island as well as providing a holiday for those identified families who have fallen on hard times due to the care of a hospitalized child.   

Our newest addition to the Mighty Giving initiatives are the creation of "Admission Kits", which help the transition process from the emergency room to admission for the caregiver until more personal belongings can be delivered from home.  These kits include personal care products and a gift card for a much-needed cup of coffee.  

Other past initiatives have included Helmets for Heads, an initiative to promote bike helmet utilization and the authoring of 500 handwritten notes to first line care givers during COVID-19.


If you are interested in helping support one of our giving initiatives, please contact us or donate online.  

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