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For Kindness



The Mighty Meredith Project is the proud sponsor the Mighty Meredith Project Scholarship for Kindness to at least one graduating senior from North Reading High School who embodies and demonstrates kindness in their everyday life.  In essence, kindness is a part of the recipients character.

Now completing it's sixth year, the MMP is ready to award again. Since 2018, the MMP Scholarship for Kindness has awarded 11 scholarships for a total of $16,000 in awards to deserving North Reading graduating seniors.


During Meredith's recovery from a brain injury, she was blessed with kindness from friends, family and strangers.  Those acts of kindness, large and small, got her through her some of her most challenging days and she personally knows the impact one act can have on a person. Therefore, as a pillar to the Mighty Meredith Project, we are proud to sponsor an annual scholarship to a graduating high school senior who embodies kindness in their everyday life.  Said another way, kindness is part of the applicants daily character and can be referenced through the application process.  


Now in its sixth year, the 2023 Mighty Meredith Project Scholarship for Kindness was awarded to one recipient, Brady O'Connor.


This year, as Merdith was also a graduating senior wanted to honor her classmates in a meaningful way, the scholarship committee changed the award for one recipient to receive a scholarship in the amount of $5,000.   Brady is attending  Villanova University, majoring in Business.


Thank you for being an amazing kindness ambassador!






Caroline Peccora

University of Maryland


Landon Phillips

Clemson University

Kiernan Schultz

Syracuse University


Rodela Alam

Boston University


Rebecca Curry

Bentley College

Nessren Ourdyl

Tufts University




Emily Kuperstein

Middlebury College

Lauren Sullivan

Syracuse University


Francis Walsh

University of Connecticut

Molly Feffer

McGill University



Jerlin Kaithattaman

University of Massachusetts at Amherst




The Class of 2024 Scholarship for Kindness will

OPEN be for consideration for graduating North Reading High School seniors on January 15, 2024 for the 2024 Scholarship. 


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