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2018 Events

Fundraisers, Community Outreach and Kindness

2018 events


Fit Rev Bingo



Fit Rev Bingo

Middle School Kindness Day

March Madness

Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

Kindness Scholarship Opens

"Helmets for Heads" Bike Helmet Campaign

Fit Rev Games

Chipotle Night Out 

Easter Basket Donations to Tufts


Spreading Kindness with the Brownies in North Reading


Kindness Scholarship Winner Announced


North Reading Town Day

"Helmets for Heads" Bike Helmet Donation Delivery


"Helmets for Heads" Bike Helmet Donation Delivery

North Reading Parks and Recreation Kindness Day


North Reading BBQ and Farmers Market

Confections for a Cause


Reading Street Faire

Stoneham Town Day

National Concussion Day


Registration Opens for Concussion Legacy Foundation 

Speaking Engagement


 Annual #Fillthebox Campaign


Concussion Legacy Foundation


Chris Nowinski, Ph.D. 

Speaking Engagement

Annual #Fillthebox Campaign

event Highlights

Since our beginning, we have been engaged in projects that support our vision, mission and purpose and associate fundraising activities to help meet that objective.  Here are a few highlights from some of our events.  

Learn more about our Fundraising and Charitable offerings here:

2017 - Confections for a Cause
2017 - Black Belt Project
2017 - Collecting Cans with Poppy
2017 - Fill the Box Wrapping Party
2017 - Fill the Box Wrapping Party
2018 - Drop off at Tufts
2018 - Kindness Day at NRMS
2018 - Taking the Kindness Pledge
2018 - Helmets for Heads Collection
2018 - Helmets for Heads Drop Off
2018 Creatures for Sedation/Infusion
2018 - Fit Rev Games Fundraiser
2018 - Easter Basket Donations
2018 - Meeting with Chris Nowinski
North Reading Town Day
Bike Helmet Delivery Day
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