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Catherine, Meredith's sister, tested for her Black Belt in Karate in December 2017. Not only were there significant physical requirements and years of training that went into achieving a black belt, there were also personal reflections, community service activities and associated fundraising requirements to ensure the candidate demonstrated personal growth, can contribute to their family and is a valuable part of their community. Funds raised for the black belt project were split between a charity called the Mastocytosis Society, an organization held dearly to the Elite Freestyle Karate organization (where Catherine has received her training) and a charity of personal choice.


Catherine’s charity of choice was a "no-brainer" to her;  her sister’s newly established organization the “Mighty Meredith Project”.   In Catherine’s words, “Watching my sister go through what she did and continues to go through makes me sad. I get why she wants to do something like this and raising money through my black belt project would make me very happy.”



Catherine worked in conjunction with two other North Reading children who were black belt candidates and whose families were witness to Meredith’s illness.  Fundraising efforts included a Penny and Coin Drive and a Can and Bottle Drive.  Both were huge successes.  Sixty percent of all proceeds raised in the black belt project directly benefited the mission of the MMP.  

On September 8, 2017, Catherine's Black Belt Team presented the Mighty Meredith Project with $1,274.25 to be used to meet her mission and Meredith could not be more appreciative.      



Catherine's black belt project far surpassed anyone's expectations thanks to the generosity of the North Reading community, with special thanks to Farrelly Realty and Fit Revolution, along with anyone who donated cans (hundreds of them) and coins.


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