Mighty Kind

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 Our tagline, "Be Kind.  It's Good for the mind." summarizes in one sentence what the Mighty Meredith Project is all about and how just being kind can really impact your overall health, including your brain health, mental health and the well-being of others. "Kindness is a cure for so many things and has been my best medicine along with the love and support from my family and my two sisters…Caroline and Catherine.  They have truly been my anchors of kindness and support."


It was the kindness from so many that got Meredith through the darkest of days for many months.  She personally knows the true impact of a note, a word, a gesture and wanted to pay that forward.  Therefore, our kindness initiatives focus on those who may be suffering in silence and just need a simple gesture to get through the day.  



The Mighty Meredith Project promotes kindness, especially to those "who are fighting a battle you know nothing about."